The Nigerian in Me

After a couple of years of working on and off in Nigeria, I learnt a thing or two. The following is an excerpt from a guest posting for Sahan Journal.

2013-05-12 06.28.30

My preferred view over Lake Naivasha

Almost a year ago, I was at a meeting in Kenya. It was at a beautiful location, on the edge of the Rift Valley near Naivasha, with sweeping views down to the lake. The organisers were not short of money, so there was not need to skimp. But of course in these days of bang for buck, and maximising development dollar impact, there was also no need to pay for the biggest, grandest conference room.

 Fast forward.

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A colleague said to me admiringly, when we later tucked into some crispy samosas served on our deep shaded verandah. It’s the Nigerian in you, he said to me, that made this possible.

To find out what happened in between, and to find your inner Nigerian, read the full article in the Sahan Journal.